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Yellowstone, USA 2011

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  1. We did a motorcycle ride in July that I call my “National Park Motorcycle Ride”. To me the national parks offer some of the best scenery and riding opportunities. 5550 miles in 16 days, the best ride to date.

    We traveled to Pikes Peak, Grand Tetons, Yellowstone, Glacier, Banff (in Canada), Little Big Horn, Devils Tower and Mount Rushmore with lots of great scenery all along the way.

    To me the best way to travel is by motorcycle. While traveling by car is a step up from seeing the scenery on TV a motorcycle has you out in the environment experiencing all there is to experience. The smells of rain in the distance, the piney woods, camp fires, flowers and yes skunks and road kill… Its hard to explain to non-riders…

    Thanks for the great pictures, post and the memories…
    P.S. Here is the Post from that ride…

  2. Awesome trip you did there! Cheers, Hans

  3. Dr Anne Rassios says:

    Dear Hans, spectacular!
    I’m one of the writers for the FB page The Earth Story (with a community of more than 600,000 members). I’d like permission to post one of your photos to illustrate a post on Yellowstone that I’m readying for the site. We at the Earth Story are strict adherents to copyright. If posting “as steaming blue lake at Yellowstone” is okay with you, we’ll post a link to this website and of course credit you as photographer.
    Is this okay?
    Dr Annie
    Annie R

  4. Dear Annie,

    if it’s not too late, it’s of course fine for me if you would link back to me 🙂

    Best and thanks for the kind words,

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