North America

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Although I have the goal of visiting 100 countries in my life, I always come back to visiting North America and the United States especially. For me there’s no better way of having a vacation than driving around the USA with a nice car! This country is just so diverse and so huge that you will never experience everything there is. Even comparing the hot coastline of the Florida Keys in the southwest with the cold nature landscapes of Wyoming or even Alaska shows that this country offers you everything to take awesome North America Photos! I strongly recommend to visit Florida at least once. Fly to Miami, pick up a rental car and enjoy driving around the Florida Keys, Cape Canaveral, the Everglades and Miami Beach – you will not regret it for sure! The same goes for the southwest of the United States and all the beautiful National Parks to discover there. Besides the most famous one (Grand Canyon) there are so many parks that alone are worth a week-long trip. I would strongly recommend to check out Yosemite NP, Arches NP, Bryce NP and Zion NP to get some of the greatest opportunities for North America Photos. If you have more time, drive north to Yellowstone National Park and enjoy the spectacular scenery to be found there. I have crossed the United States from coast to coast by car to find the best spots for North America Photos and I have to say I was not disappointed.