Mumbai, India 2012

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  1. Kamini says:

    Just wanted to say that I really enjoyed viewing your pictures of Mumbai. I am going there with my husband and 2 young kids this coming August and wasnted to see how much it’s changed since I last visited (1999). Wow, very different. I was born there and my kids have never been. Is it safe for a family to go out and about?

  2. Hey Kamini, many thanks for your kind words! I’ve never felt unsafe when I went to Mumbai. I actually met some of the nicest people there while traveling. The only thing that bothered me in Mumbai were the cab drivers…some of them just refused to use the meter and trick me into paying a higher price. But that was the only situation where I felt uncomfortable. Enjoy your trip to Mumbai!

  3. nagaraj mg says:

    I really enjoy seeing mubai photos its very nice and i cm to mumbai some few days thank u

  4. Many thanks for your nice words! All the best from Germany 🙂

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