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As I am a native of Germany, Europe offers perfect photography opportunities for me for a relatively low price. I can easily reach surrounding countries like France, Poland or Switzerland by car and enjoy the huge diversity of this continent. Most of the countries I have visited are actually in Europe because of this. I just love places like Spain, where cities like Barcelona or islands like Mallorca offer so many great things to do and to see! The same goes for France with its great cities and coastlines like the Normandy with Mont St. Michel. Because of all the error fares I flew with the Italian airline Alitalia, I have visited Italy quite often. Below you will also find Europe Photos that come from my trip to Milan and Rome, where I was able to photograph the most important sights for me. If you have the possibility, you definitely should do a “Euro-trip” and explore this awesome continent for yourself! As intra-European flights are cheap, high-speed rail is comprehensible and the roads are well-made, it is easy to get around and combine multiple European countries for a single trip! You should definitely visit the highlights where you can take the best Europe photos: The German countryside, Belgian old towns, French cities, Spanish beaches and Italian history will make this a trip of your lifetime.
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