This Page gives you an Overview of all the Asia Photos I have taken and uploaded on Travel Photographs! Below you will find thumbnailed Asia Photos: hover over them to reveal which gallery lies beyond it. Click on the thumbnail to get to each gallery.

Asia is one of my favorite places to take photos at. This continent offers such a huge diversity of cultural influences, awesome natural landscapes and cities that are just immensely big. My first visit to Asia was back in 1994 when I flew to Beijing to explore all the sights of this great Chinese city. It was quite an adventure to stand on the Chinese Wall as a nine year old I have to say. Of course I didn’t take any Asia Photos by myself back then, but I still took away some great memories. After several years I finally managed to come back in 2011 and from then on I came to Asia again multiple times. I flew to Hong Kong during one of my round-the-world-trips and fell in love with the city. It is one of the places that you could call a melting pot between many different influences – mainly between the Western and Asian culture of course. I loved taking the ship across the harbour, visiting Chinese markets and wander around the little alleys that are very vibrant at night. In the next years I used Error Fares of Alitalia to get to Singapore and Tokyo – and I especially love the latter one. Tokyo iss such a beautiful modern city with many sights, great people and awesome spots for typical Asia Photos! When you get there, make sure not to miss Skytree Tower (perfect for Panorama photographs), Asakusa, Akihabara, Shibuya and the Fish Market.

In 2013 I finally managed to visit Asia for a longer time. I flew from Egypt to Malaysia, Cambodia, Thailand, Taiwan, South Korea and Japan and had an awesome time! While Kuala Lumpur feels like a modern city (kinda like Singapore), Cambodia and the Angkor Wat temples were an ancient site which you should definitely visit. Afterwards I got to Bangkok which is quite different and “touristy” (which I don’t like that much) and continued to Taiwan. I loved Taipei, because a friend of mine showed me around the best travel photograph spots and invited me to experience all the great flavours of this country. In the following days I explored Seoul, which was another place I really fell in love with. Especially the Korean’s love for technology and eSports is something that wants me to get back.