Saba Photos, 2014

These Saba Photos were taken in 2014 when I was visiting St. Maarten. From there you can either take the ferry, or the 15 minute flight with WinAir. I highly recommend taking the plane, as the landing approach is one of the best on earth! Saba is known among aviation fans as the shortest commercial runway in the world. Only the best pilots can land the small Twin Otter planes on this short runway and the flight alone is an awesome experience. Once you are there you can do two things on this very small island: hiking or diving. I did the first one and climbed the 1.064 stairs to Mount Scenery to the top of the island. This hike will take you through beautiful rainforest where you can spot interesting plants and animals. I even managed to find a snake near the trail – quite an experience. Afterwards I went down to “the ladder” trail and covered more than 800 meters of altitude in one hiking day. Although the island is extremely small, I can recommend a visit!

Where to take the best Saba Photos?

The best Saba Photos can be shot during your hikes: by taking different trails you will spot beautiful panorama views and highlights of the Caribbean rainforest. Climbing Mt. Scenery also offers you plenty of great views; keep in mind though, that the peak is covered in clouds most of the time. When the clouds open up, the view is incredible! When you’re flying into Saba, some of the best Saba Photos can be found when approaching the island with WinAir.

Hans’ Tips for our own trip to Saba

1. Great first-hand impressions of Saba
2. Some background information on Saba’s Rainforest

landing at saba airport cockpit view

Landing at Saba Airport from Cockpit View!

terminal building of saba airport

The small Terminal Building of Saba Airport

saba the smallest commercial runway in the world

Saba, the smallest commercial Runway in the World!

panorama view photo from the highest point of the netherlands

Panorama from the highest point of the Netherlands

landing in st. maarten sxm cockpit view winair

Landing at St. Maarten seen from the Cockpit

hiking on saba in the rainforest

Hiking on Saba’s Trails

st maarten seen from above from a plane

St. Maarten seen from the Winair Plane

landing at juancho yrausquin airport saba

Landing at Juancho Yrausquin Airport

propeller plane view above caribbean sea sunset

Sunset over the Caribbean Sea

winair twin otter plane at saba airport

WinAir Twin Otter landed at Saba Airport

saba panorama photo view of coast line

Photo View of Saba’s Coast Line

rainforest animal crab at saba rain forest

Little Animal in the Rainforest

landing at saba close pass by the coast

The Coast of Saba during Landing

The Bottom at saba island in the caribbean

“The Bottom” at Saba Island

the ladder saba photos 2014 hike

Hiking the Ladder visiting the Custom House

snake in rain forest of saba during hike

Found a Snake during my Saba Hike

snail on a rain forest leave on saba

A little Snail in Saba’s Rainforest

lizard in rain forest of saba during hike

Little Lizard found on Saba

green banana tree during hike on saba photos

Green Bananas seen during my Rainforest Hike

Hiking Trails on Saba signs

Hiking Trails on Saba

mount scenery stairs on saba hike

Hiking Mount Scenery Stairs Trail

airport terminal of saba photos 2014

The small Airport Terminal of Saba

winair twin otter plane at saba photos

WinAir’s Twin Otter landed at Saba Airport

Takeoff from Saba airport seen from the cockpit

Takeoff from Saba Airport!

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