Las Vegas Photos, USA 2011

I took these Las Vegas Photos on a total of three visits to “Sin City” so far. As a Poker Player, I think this city is always worth a visit when you’re around. I even included it in my list of the 10 most beautiful places in the USA! It has a great selection of hotels like the Bellagio, Wynn and Aria. I always tend to stay at the classic Vegas hotels to get the full experience. But I have to say: Bellagio’s Poker Room is the best!

My first time in Vegas was in 2008 during my semester abroad. We got a cheap flight/hotel combo and stayed at the MGM Grand for three days. We visited all the famous sights and hotels to take some Las Vegas Photos, and even had a fine dinner at the MGM buffet. We also went downtown by bus (which is actually at the north end of the famous “strip”) and checked out the old hotels. Both stays in 2010 and 2011 only lasted for two days, but I was able to take some more Las Vegas Photos then. Especially the Bellagio fountain show is great for Las Vegas Photos. Make sure to bring a tripod though, as you need a long exposure for your photos. If you’re new to this topic, check out my best travel tripod guide for help! All in all I can only recommend this city to anyone who is around. Such a surreal place in the desert, packed with entertainment and great food. Oh – and I even played some profitable hands of Poker back then.

Hans’ Tip for your own Trip to Las Vegas:

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Water spraying in front of Las Vegas’ Bellagio


Bellagio Water Show


Bellagio Fountain Show


Las Vegas Photos of Bellagio Hotel


Golden Nugget Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas


Hotel “New York” in Las Vegas


Caesars Palace Hotel


Treasure Island Hotel


Caesars Palace seen from Las Vegas Blvd


New Las Vegas City Center


Arc de Triomphe of Hotel Paris

Best Las Vegas Photos Spots

  • If you are looking for the best spots to take Las Vegas Photos, you should of course start out with an overview of the Las Vegas Boulevard. There are several bridges crossing the “strip”, some even without fences that obstruct your view. The vibrations caused by pedestrians might harm long-exposure photographs though.
  • As the hotels themselves are the main attractions of Las Vegas, there are numerous good spots to catch great Las Vegas Photos with the Bellagio or the Mirage in it. Especially during the fountain show at the Bellagio (only during certain hours in the evening) or the shows at the Mirage or Treasure Island it is worth to pack your tripod!
  • The Fremont Street Experience is another spot to visit during the evening (or night – hey, you’re in Vegas!). Located in the old Downtown, there is a lighting show spanning across the street with different themes. This canopy over the street shouts out “Viva Las Vegas” perfectly!
  • The “Welcome to Las Vegas Sign” is one of the most memorable Las Vegas Photos of course. In order to get there, take a cab or walk (only 15-20 minutes from the MGM) south and take some photos there. Especially at night you can get some great shots via HDR or long exposure.
  • The shops at the Venetian Hotel: Imagine a Venetian channel (completely with ships, bridges, water) inside a building. Yes – inside a building! All this can be found inside the Venetian Hotel and you can take your own boat tour there. Also perfect for awesome Las Vegas Photos!
  • If you don’t have a hotel room high up and want to take some Las Vegas Photos from above, your only real choice is Stratosphere Tower. Get there in the evening before the sun sets for the best photographs!
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